5 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Commercial plumbing problems are even more bothersome than the ones that happen at your home. After all, many businesses rely on their plumbing to get work done, not to mention for the comfort of their employees and customers. To avoid any inconvenience, you should be aware of the most common plumbing problems an office or other type of business can face. Doan Sun Plumbing provides commercial plumbing in Rock Hill, SC and wants you to know about these five issues:

  1. Toilet troubles – Running toilets, clogged toilets, broken toilet handles – all of these are common problems that businesses face. Thankfully, commercial plumbing companies can make all of these toilet repairs. Don’t wait to call us for service!
  2. Leaking faucets – Leaking faucets can cost your business a lot of money in wasted water. These don’t go away on their own so take steps to get them repaired as quickly as possible.
  3. Hidden leaks – Leaks that aren’t easily seen are a big concern for companies. If a leaking pipe happens behind a wall, lots of damage could happen before you know anything about it. Look for an unexplained spike in your water bill or stains on your walls or ceilings.
  4. Low water pressure – Low water pressure should always be a signal for you to call a plumber in Fort Mill, SC. Low water pressure could mean that you have a broken pipe or another serious problem.
  5. Sewage issues – If you notice sewage smells around your building, call a commercial plumber as soon as possible. In addition to the inconvenience, it’s unsanitary and could even cause contamination.

If you need help with these or any other commercial plumbing problems, call Doan Sun Plumbing. We provide commercial plumbing in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas with 24/7 emergency service.

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