5 Plumbing Tips for Summer’s End

As summer draws to a close, it’s important that you take the time to prep your home for the upcoming change in seasons. Your plumbing is one system you should pay particular attention to. The residential plumbing experts at Doan Sun Plumbing are here to help you. Here are our five of our top plumbing tips for the end of the summer.

  1. Inspect your sewer lines – Sewer trouble is no laughing matter. If you have a problem, it can cause serious damage that leads to expensive plumbing repairs. If you notice anything odd about your sewer system – either inside or outside your home – call us to take a look.
  2. Check your water usage – During the summer, you’re probably using more water than normal. Maybe you’re watering plants, running sprinklers, or filling up a pool. But this spike in activity can easily mask a leak. If you’ve cut back on your water consumption but your bill is still high, there’s an easy way to check for a leak. Shut off your main water valve and see if your meter still runs. If it does, you probably have a leak.
  3. Look at your outdoor fixtures – Look at any parts of your plumbing system that are outside your home. Check spigots and hose bibbs for signs of cracking or damage. If you have a well, make sure the pump is running as it should.
  4. Examine indoor appliances – Now move inside to look over your indoor appliances. Check under sinks for signs of leaks. Inspect your refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, dishwasher, and other appliances that use water. Call a plumber if you suspect any of them are leaking.
  5. Clean all drains – One of the most common plumbing problems has one of the simplest solutions. Clean out your drains on a regular basis. If you don’t, you could wind up with a clog.

Whenever you need a plumber near you, call Doan Sun Plumbing. We provide residential plumbing services in Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding area.

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