3 Signs You May Need Toilet Repairs

A toilet is an essential piece of hardware in any household. With this in mind, it’s fundamental that you can quickly spot when it’s not working properly. As your local Rock Hill plumber, Doan Sun Plumbing would like to help you. Here are the three most common toilet repairs every homeowner should be aware of:

  1. Your toilet sounds like it’s flowing non-stop. The sound of constantly running water is one of the leading indicators of a plumbing problem. In this particular case, it could be a sign that your toilet’s flapper is damaged. The flapper is the small piece of rubber that seals the toilet tank. Over time, the flapper may disintegrate. When this happens, there’s nothing to stop the water from running. A toilet that runs all the time wastes water and costs you money, so you should get it repaired immediately. If you suspect that your toilet has a problem with the flapper, call us to fix it.
  2. There’s water leaking from your toilet. Water around the outside of your toilet is never a good thing and requires the services of a plumber in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, SC. Although there are many potential causes, a damaged or worn out fill valve is one of the most common. However, this problem can be easily remedied by replacing this part. If it’s not the fill valve, we’ll figure it out and make the repairs you need.
  3. Your toilet is overflowing. Overflows are probably the most obvious toilet problem. However, the cause of the problem may not be as easy as grabbing a plunger. Some clogs are too far down the line for a DIY solution to work. Clogs can also be an indication of a much bigger plumbing issue, like a backed up septic tank.

When you’re in need of a Rock Hill plumber, call Doan Sun Plumbing. Our plumbing contractors in Fort Mill, SC and Rock Hill, SC can help you with all of these repairs and more.

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