5 Top Tips for Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Commercial plumbing requires a different type of care and attention than residential plumbing. When an office’s plumbing is acting up, it can cause big problems. It may even cause you to close your doors. At Doan Sun Plumbing, our plumbing contractors in Fort Mill, SC believe that maintenance and prevention are the best ways to keep your plumbing working as it should. Here are five top commercial plumbing maintenance tips that may make your life easier.

  1. Fix leaks promptly – If you suspect a leak, don’t wait to get it fixed. Instead, contact a plumbing contractor in Rock Hill, SC as quickly as possible. Leaks, especially commercial plumbing leaks, can cause major damage and be expensive to fix.
  2. Inspect your plumbing – Do you have hot water heaters, refrigeration equipment, or other appliances that use water? Inspect them regularly. If you see puddles under sinks, mildew, mold, or other signs of trouble, you can get them fixed before they turn into a bigger problem.
  3. Keep an eye on your drains – Slow drains are the most common indicator of a clog. A clog at your business can cause your bathrooms to malfunction. If you run a restaurant, slow sinks can lead to unsanitary conditions. A good rule of thumb is to find plumbers when you notice a slow drain.
  4. Protect your toilets with preventative measures – No one wants to think about a clogged toilet. Avoid this problem in the first place by placing signs in your bathrooms about which items are appropriate to flush.
  5. Pay attention to the pressure – Low water pressure can cause problems, especially for places like hotels and farms. If your pressure seems lower than normal, call plumbing companies to check it out.

When you need commercial plumbing contractors in Fort Mill, SC or surrounding areas, call Doan Sun Plumbing. We’ll get your plumbing back up and running as quickly as possible. We even offer 24/7 emergency plumbing for your convenience.

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